What is ISO 14000?

ISO 14000 is a family of certifications related to environmental management.

If your company wants to be environmentally responsible, getting the appropriate ISO 14000 certification is a good thing for you to consider. An ISO certification can help you show your potential clients and business partners that you are operating responsibly. This is an important consideration for western businesses looking for suppliers and partners in Pakistan.

What Does ISO 14000 Cover?

The ISO 14000 family spans a wide range of environmental management standards. Some of the big areas this family of standards covers include:

  • Climate Change
  • Energy Usage
  • Water Utilization

Customers and potential business partners are becoming more and more aware and concerned with how environmentally responsible their suppliers are. If you are able to show that you meet ISO standards, it gives you a big advantage in working with international businesses.

If you are a business looking to find a Pakistan supplier that meets these ISO standards, let us know, we can help you find one.

There are also some legal requirements your company may need to meet, depending on your area of business. If you’re not sure what requirements you need to meet, you can ask us.

You can download the free introduction guide to ISO 14001 here.

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